How to Use an Electric Dab Rig?

How to Use an Electric Dab Rig?

Electric dab rigs are perceived by many as the next big thing in dabbing. But what is their functioning mechanism, and do they live up to the hype?

In this golden era of cannabis appreciation, we have access to some incredibly efficient, sophisticated, and accurate methods of achieving a high. The basic options of bongs vs. joints are a thing of the past now. It's safe to say that the ways to experience a high have never been more diverse.

One of the latest innovations in this sphere is the electric dab rig, also known as e-rig.

What Are Electric Dab Rigs?

Given the complexity of the conventional dabbing process, vaporizer producers have developed devices to simplify the consumption or vaping of wax. These devices vary from vaporizer pens to nectar collectors and now include electric dab rigs. Regardless of the manufacturer, these e-rigs may appear differently but function similarly.

In layman's terms, e-rigs electrically warm a chamber or nail to an optimal temperature for wax melting. Some e-rigs can be coupled with a standard glass rig piece, but the most sought-after ones are standalone devices. These all-in-one e-rigs comprise the banger, e-nail, glass water chamber, mouthpiece, and power supply within a single device. They usually operate on a rechargeable battery that heats the rig's bowl to a predetermined temperature at the push of a button.

No More Torching

E-rigs offer a user-friendly and safe solution for loading up with wax, eliminating the hazard of self-inflicted burns from a blowtorch. Their portability surpasses that of conventional dab rig configurations, often accompanied by a bespoke carrying case for added convenience. The usual method of power replenishment is via a straightforward USB charging cable, with battery longevity ranging from several hours to a few days, contingent on usage frequency. E-rigs provide reliable sessions, with the flexibility to tune the pre-set temperature to accommodate the specific material you are dabbing.

Benefits of the Electric Dab Rig

Consistent Temperature Control: One significant advantage e-rigs have over traditional rigs is precise temperature control. Achieving the right temperature can be challenging with manual rigs, while e-rigs allow you to adjust the temperature digitally for a consistent experience.

Safety: Using a torch can be hazardous, especially for beginners. E-rigs eliminate this risk, making dabbing safer and more accessible.

Convenience: E-rigs are generally easier to use and more user-friendly. They heat up faster, are portable, and require less preparation than traditional rigs.

Enhanced Flavor: Electric dab rigs provide a clean and unadulterated flavor as they avoid combustion, leading to a better-tasting dab.

More Discreet Usage: A prominent advantage of utilizing an electric dab rig for concentrate consumption is the minimal amount of wax, shatter, or hash required to achieve the same impact as a conventional joint or bong of bud. The Mingvape Luxo offers unparalleled subtlety compared to a typical nail and torch setup.

By depositing a few milligrams of concentrate into the bucket, the electric dab rig effectively releases the beneficial cannabinoids with scarcely any perceptible odor. This allows users to discreetly enjoy their experience throughout the day without attracting unwanted attention — a stark contrast to a joint, which often leaves a lingering, pungent scent.

How to Use an Electric Dab Rig?

Instead of depending on your antiquated companion, Mr. Blowtorch, an electric dab rig offers a safer and more efficient method to heat your nail through electrical means. These e-nails, which we'll delve into more thoroughly later on, bypass the daunting and potentially hazardous use of fire, offering a more mobile and unobtrusive dabbing experience. Furthermore, the adaptable temperature controls provided by an e-rig enable users to comprehensively extract essential components, such as terpenes, from their dabs.

This capacity to choose precise temperatures is a major attraction of an e-rig. In this manner, you can dab at lower temperatures to release specific terpenes, while higher temperatures can be used to release cannabinoids. Additionally, precision heating ensures that your dab will not be burnt or its chemical constituents destroyed.

How to Clean an Electric Dab Rig?

Cleaning an electric dab rig might seem daunting, but it is quite simple if you know the right steps. Follow these instructions:

Disconnect your dab rig: Before starting, make sure the rig is completely cooled down and disconnected from any power sources.

Disassemble: Carefully remove all the separate parts of your electric dab rig. This could include the glass piece, mouthpiece, heating chamber, and carb cap.

Soak in alcohol: The next step would be soaking the parts in isopropyl alcohol. This is especially effective for the heating chamber and carb cap, which gets the most resin build-up. Fill a plastic bag or a jar with isopropyl alcohol (91% or higher is recommended) and submerge the parts.

Shake gently: After a few hours, give the container a gentle shake to help dislodge any stubborn resin.

Scrub: For stained or residue parts, you can use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to gently scrub it off. For hard-to-reach areas, pipe cleaners work well.

Rinse: Rinse all parts thoroughly with warm water to remove alcohol or loosened residue.

Dry: Pat all the pieces dry with a towel and then allow them to air dry completely.

Reassemble: You can reassemble your rig once all the parts are clean and dry.

Remember, cleaning your electric dab rig regularly is best to maintain its functionality and longevity. Also, check the manufacturer's instructions, as some parts may not be safe to clean with isopropyl alcohol.


Whether or not you should use an electric dab rig depends on your preferences, budget, and habits. If you prioritize safety, convenience, consistent temperature, and flavor, an e-rig might be the perfect fit for you. However, if you enjoy the traditional dabbing process, don't mind using a torch, and prefer a lower upfront cost, a manual rig might be your style.

Ultimately, both types of dab rigs serve the same purpose: to deliver a potent and flavorful dabbing experience. The decision between the two boils down to which features you value more. Regardless of your choice, remember to consume responsibly and enjoy the journey.

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