Crossing Core 2.1 E-Rig Kit Electric Dab Rig Vaporizer with 3150mAh Battery

$129.99 $179.99
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 Key Features:

1. One-Button Operation: The Crossing CORE 2.1 e-rig is the significant updated version of the Core 2.0 and the Core 1.0. It features the one button functionality and fully heated ceramic vaping surface for ease of use.

2. Precise Temperature Control: It features 4 temperature settings from 401°F - 500°F for your favorite concentrates.

3. Large Capacity: With a 3150 mAh Li-Ion battery pack, it provides more consistent and powerful performance for your dabbing experience.

4. Non Rebuildable 3D Atomizer: Made of ceramic and stainless steel, the high-quality bucket with an internal heating element that runs through the entire atomizer, and provides a complete all-around fully heated surface. 

What's in the Box: 

   1 x Core 2.1
   1 x Non-rebuildable 3D Ceramic Atomizer
   5 x Cotton Swabs
   2 x Alcohol Pads
   2 x Replacement O-Rings
   1 x Loading Tool
   1 x USB-C Charging Cable
   1 x Travel Case
   1 x User Manual

crossing core 2.1 portable erig black with accessories and portable case

crossing core 2.1 portable erig black with box