VLAB Halo V2 Smart E-Rig | Electric Dab Rig Battery Powered | with Smart Touch Power Sensor Operation Portable Durable




1. Easy Operation: The smart touch power sensor operation allows you to glide on the surface of the controls freely.

2. Precise Temperature Control System: With four temperature settings (480F, 600F, 680F, and 750F), you can adjust the temp freely.

3. Smart Power Management System: It supports a longer battery life ( supports more than 50 cycles).

4. Protection System: It will start the auto-shutoff protection program to avoid a short-circuit or over-heating.

5. Portable Size: Compact and lightweight, you can carry it out whenever and wherever you want.

What's in the box:

1x - HALO Portable E-Rig
1x - Glass Water Bubbler
1x - Glass Carb Cap with Tether
1x - Quartz Bucket
1x - Ceramic Bucket
5x - Cotton Swabs
2x - Alcohol Pads
1x - Silicone Storage Container
1x - Dab Tool
1x - USB-C Charging Cable