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How Does an Electric Dab Rig Work


Electric Dab rigs are becoming the preferred way to dab for many dabbers. They are easier to find than ever, and models range from user-friendly and straightforward to high-tech and advanced, with loads of features. These portable electric dab rigs are the latest examples of how technology changes every aspect of our lives, even how we enjoy our cannabis. The quality and functionality of e-rigs have greatly enhanced the dabbing process. Using an erig can change your dabbing life for the better in several ways. Let's take a look at e-rigs and how to use them! 

What does an electric dab rig include 

Electric dab rigs usually include several different parts, all of which must work together in order for the device to work properly. These components include a power source, an electric element, a heating chamber, and usually some form of filtration system.

The power source is simply a device that provides the electricity required to power the electric element. This can be a battery, plug-in adapter, or other type of power source. A mini electric dab rig is portable and lightweight; you can carry it anywhere and anytime.

An "atomizer" is used to turn liquid into mist. You may hear that coil, heating chamber, and atomizer can be used interchangeably. The atomizer is the component loaded with herb, wax, or oils - they are then vaporized within the atomizer as well. The atomizer term is most popular with box mod vapes compatible with a huge array of 510-threaded atomizers for wax, e liquids, herb, and oils. Smaller wax and herbal vape pen 'atomizers' are typically called coils or heating chambers, but all 3 terms are interchangeably used. If you hear someone mention a replacement coil, chamber, or atomizer, they are referring to the vape component that is responsible for vaporizing.



Finally, a filtration system is sometimes used in order to cool and filter the vapor produced from the heating chamber. Water filtration is not exclusive to dabbing. At first, water pipes are used for smoking raw flowers for a long time, and they are just like regular pipes but have a water chamber at the base through which the smoke passes. Due to the bubbling sound when the smoke is inhaled, that's why they're often called bubblers. The water inside must be cleaned out and replaced regularly as it slowly accumulates debris from constant exposure to the product, interfering with flavor.




How to Use an Electric Dab Rig

Your dab rig can heat your nail with electricity instead of whipping out a butane hand torch. These mini electric dab rigs eliminate the need to use a potentially dangerous flame and make for much more portable and discreet dabs. E-rigs also have customizable temperature settings to extract key constituents like terpenes from your dabs. Selecting specific temperatures is a significant selling point of an e-rig. You can dab at lower temperatures to release certain terpenes; with higher temperatures, you can release cannabinoids. Precision heating makes you less likely to scorch your dab, destroy its cannabinoids, and kill your vibe.

To use your e-rig:

  1. Set your temperature according to what you need.
  2. Set the temperature to around 800°F and lower the heat level to 350°F-400°F if you want a low-temperature dab.
  3. For a medium temperature dab, heat your nail to 450°F-600°F.

High-temperature dabs require a temperature of 600°F-850°F. Sometimes the temps can go all the way to 900°F.



When buying an e-rig, always shop for high quality. Take your time to look at the electric dab rigs available on the market and select one that best suits your needs as a dabbing lover. There are many Mini dab rigs under $100 in a variety of sizes, shapes, and features. Some feature more output options, while others are easier to operate.Some top-quality electric dab rigs are incredibly versatile and won’t break the bank. If you are entirely new to dabbing, we recommend taking only one hit the first time. Concentrates are very potent; one hit may be plenty for a beginner.



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