PUFFING MASTER make the best pipes for you

We are professional designers and developers who create high-quality chillums, pipes, electric dab rigs, gravity bongs and other smoking tools. With collaborating factories and brands, we are devoted to making every item cost-effective.

We believe that dab rigs are not only tools; they also represent a way of living. We hope PUFFING MASTER can bring you a good experience when enjoying weeds, concentrates, or tobaccos.

The Idea Was Born

At that time, we found that pipes at the gas stations were usually very expensive, and we didn't have many selections of colors or styles. So, we returned to Google and Bing, finding there were only a few pipes online. Hence, we decided to establish an online shop on our own.

Look for the Best Pipes

We looked for the most charming and artistic pipes we could find everywhere. Then after careful selection, we bought them at wholesale prices in bulk and began to sell them online. It turned out that our online shop had brought broader choices and many conveniences to our buyers.

Collaborate and Design

However, when we knew the market better, we thought there were more things we could do to bring people better pipes. We collaborated with these factories and improved the products together. We decided how to improve the products according to the market's response and the factories producing them.

Here We Are

Now we have the best pipes, the best designs, and the best originality in our store. We hope that PUFFING MASTER can give you the best shopping experience for pipes,electric dab rigs, and dab accessories.
If there is any issue or you need any advice, do not hesitate to contact us!

PUFFING MASTER design and produce pipes for cannabis and tobacco by handcraft