Although there are plenty of ways to choose from, dab rigs have become the most popular way to enjoy your cannabis. There is no surprise that dab rigs have taken an important stage as a vital piece of equipment in daily life. The perfect way to learn more about dabbing is to try to understand how to pick a cheap dab rig. That way, you will know high-quality dab rigs and use nothing but the best when you see them.
There are numerous types of portable dab rigs around us. When choosing a dab rig, apart from the different types of dab rigs, we also need to know about their dab accessories, for example, dab straws, a dab rig kit that comes with quartz nails, a dab tool, a carb cap, and so on, which may sound a bit complex, but it all comes together once you start to gain a sense of understanding of how the process of concentrating vapor works.
Before we start to choose a small dab rig, let's take some time to refresh your memory about the basics of dab rigs.


Dab rigs are water pipes for these people to enjoy cannabis concentrates, waxes, and oils. Though similar to a traditional bong, dabbing rigs are outfitted with a key feature known as a nail or banger. The banger is essentially a bowl, but unlike that which you would find on a regular bong, this one can handle the heat of a blowtorch, allowing for effective and ample hits.
A dab rig consists of three main components: as the main portion of the rig, the glass piece is where the vapor gets stored until you inhale it; The nail sits on the glass piece and is where you place the concentrate; finally, the torch will heat the nail to the ideal temperature you need.
Regarding how to choose the best dab rig for yourself, you will find specific tips for each of these components.
Honestly, many materials can make a dab rig, but we should know their noticeable differences. Dab rigs are usually made from the following types of material:
1. Glass
2. Silicone
3. Electric

Types of glass dab rigs

There are various glass dab rigs under $50 or electric dab rigs under $100, and you'll understand the meaning once you grasp a better idea of what you're seeking. If you have no idea how to choose the right one for you, then begin with the size and the material, and then start from there!
A glass dab rig, made of heat-resistant glass, is one of the most classic kinds of dab rigs and most definitely one of the best. The entire process of dabbing contains a lot of heat, which might involve ceramic nails or titanium nails to amplify the speed of rising temperatures.
Mini rigs
Mini rigs are usually made of high-quality glass and exactly what they sound like, which are more cost-effective because of their small sizes. However, they don’t hold as much water, meaning the vapor is hotter.
Silicone dab rigs
Silicone dab rigs are so far one of the most affordable ways to have a dabbing experience regarding pricing. It works well with a nicely heated nail like a quartz banger or titanium nail; although it might not be one of the best wax rigs on the market, on more average oil rigs like silicone rigs, dab accessories definitely help out for better dab bongs.

E-rigs (electric dab rigs), which are battery-operated and easy to use, can heat up on their own and do not require a torch. Before opting for an e-rig, please pay attention to two important things: First, e-rigs give you more control over your dabbing and you can completely control the temperature. Moreover, they also have a more compact design. 2nd, because they run on battery power, you can only use the e-rig so much before you have to recharge it. Also, e-rigs create smaller hits than you will get compared to other rigs. You should also notice that they have a higher upfront cost and can be more difficult to fix.

Recycler Rigs
Recycler rigs, and dab rigs with percolators, help provide massive filtration and a crazy smooth hit. These rigs have two chambers and let you add water to them.
These rigs are also visually attractive due to their unique designs. The disadvantages are that they seem more expensive and are not as portable.
Now that you have learned about the different types of mini dab rigs, it is not difficult to find the right one especially the best electric dab rig among so many small dab rigs available on the market. As you browse, focus on quality, and choose a rig that matches your dabbing preferences.


September 04, 2022 — Kathy Young