Microdose Diffuser Bowl for the Thermal Twist and Ruby Twist ball vape vaporizers
Microdose Diffuser Bowl for the Thermal Twist and Ruby Twist ball vape vaporizers


Microdose Diffuser Bowl for Thermal I Ruby Twist Injector Kit

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Introducing the Microdose Diffuser Bowl, designed specifically for the Thermal Twist Injector kit and the Ruby Twist Ball Vape kit. This innovative bowl fits snugly inside the injector nozzle of the metal housing, positioning the herb closer to the heater. This proximity facilitates quicker vapor production and allows for efficient use with smaller quantities. Additionally, the design leverages heat transfer between the metal housing and the glass bowl, introducing a conduction element to the vaporization process. Combined with convection heating, this feature effectively transforms the Thermal Twist or Ruby Twist into a hybrid vaporizer, rather than relying solely on convection.

Another advantage of these bowls is the convenience of the straw loading and unloading technique. Simply insert the bowl end into your ground herb and inhale to draw the herb into the basket screen. To unload, just blow through the bowl to empty it. For those who prefer direct inhalation, that's an option too. Remove the glass stopper, cover the opening with your thumb, load the herb using the straw method (or an SQP mini if you prefer), gently press it to secure it in place, place the glass joint in your mouth, position the Twist Housing over the chamber end, and then inhale.

Compatible with:

What You Will Get:

1 x Thermal Twist Microdose Diffuser Bowl 
1 x 14.4mm Male Joint Glass Stopper
3 x Stainless Steel Basket Screens (one installed)