crossing ruby twist injector hybrid with gem cuts ball vape kit
crossing ruby twist injector hybrid with gem cuts ball vape kit
crossing ruby twist injector hybrid with gem cuts ball vape kit with accessories


Crossing Ruby Twist Injector Hybrid with 3MM Gem Cuts Ball Vape Kit Titanium

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The Ruby Twist Injector Ball Vape Kit emerges as the latest evolution in the Twist series, offering an enhanced performance model compared to its predecessor, the Thermal Twist dry herb vaporizer. This innovative device upgrades its core with a chamber filled with precisely cut rubies while maintaining the signature Twist airflow mechanism beneath these gemstones. This setup not only ensures a consistent and evenly distributed heat to the bowl's contents but also achieves rapid vapor generation, distinguishing it from other injector dry herb vaporizers. Engineered to compete with, and often outperform, 20mm coil-based injector vapes, the Ruby Twist Ball Vape kit excels in efficiency and taste.

Incorporating a chamber of gemstone-quality rubies along with the Twist airflow system, the Ruby Twist achieves almost instantaneous vapor production and an improved taste experience over the original Thermal Twist. The ruby-filled chamber also enables the use of lower temperature settings on the PID controller. Rather than operating within the 300-370C range like its predecessor, the Ruby Twist functions optimally between 270-330C, with recommended temperatures for standard bowl usage around 305C. This advancement not only sets a new standard in vaporizer performance but also enhances user experience with superior flavor and efficiency.

What You Will Get:

1 x Ruby Twist Injector with Gemstone Cut Rubies Inside (Titanium ) 
1 x Crossing Technology Micro PID (1c/1f) (CE/ROHS Certified) - (Regulated in Fahrenheit & Celsius for adjusting freely; UK / AU/ EU versions come set to Celsius)
1 x 20mm Heater Coil with Silicone Handle Pre-installed (220v)
1 x Pre-installed Heat Guard for the Thermal Twist Housing
1 x 14.4 male glass bowl with side-carb (approx. 0.4g max. capacity)
1 x Adapter from 14.4 mm to 18.8 mm male thread
1 x Keck Clip
1 x Steel Stand
1xSQP - Scoop and Tamper
1 x Wood Cleaning Brush
Spare Screens
1 x Power Cable(we will send the cable according to your country)
1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Free Grinder