crossing thermal twist injector ball-less dry herb kit
crossing thermal twist injector ball-less dry herb kit with accessories
crossing thermal twist injector ball-less dry herb kit with bong


Crossing Thermal Twist Injector Ball-less Dry Herb Ball Vape Kit

Prix de vente$199.99


We've innovated a groundbreaking design that eliminates the need for traditional balls, introducing a device with vortex airflow and a solid metal core. Choose from two premium materials: SS316 Stainless Steel or Grade 2 Titanium. The innovative Vortex airflow technology ensures you don't need to manually stir your material for loads between 0.15-0.2g. Thanks to the efficient hot air circulation, vaping has become a more streamlined process. Simply place a single SQP of your chosen dry herb into the device, secure the housing over the bowl, and draw in. As you inhale, you'll witness the mesmerizing process of the contents spinning and settling into place, all without the need for compression, as the airflow optimizes the packing for you. Moreover, the design's spinning airflow feature transforms the Thermal Twist ball vape kit into an exceptional micro-dosing tool, capable of effectively vaporizing quantities as small as 0.05g.

Engineered for ease of use, the Thermal Twist is delivered ready to use, with a handle pre-attached to the heater coil and the housing already assembled to ensure a seamless setup. This design not only prevents the potential mess and hassle of handling loose balls but also eliminates the risk of incorrect assembly. Simply connect the heater to the PID controller at the front, plug in the power adapter at the back, switch it on, set your desired temperature, and it's all set for use (though we recommend an initial burn-off cycle). The stand is crafted to minimize contact with the housing, effectively keeping the heat concentrated within the device and preventing it from dissipating to the stand or the surface beneath.

What You Will Get:

1 x Thermal Twist Injector (Choose 316 Stainless Steel or GR2 Titanium)
1 x Crossing Technology Micro PID (1c/1f) (CE/ROHS Certified) - (Regulated in Fahrenheit & Celsius for adjusting freely; UK / AU/ EU versions come set to Celsius)
1 x 20mm Heater Coil with Silicone Handle Pre-installed (220v)
1 x Pre-installed Heat Guard for the Thermal Twist Housing
1 x 14.4 male glass bowl with side-carb (approx. 0.4g max. capacity)
1 x Adapter from 14.4 mm to 18.8 mm male thread
1 x Keck Clip
1 x Steel Stand
1xSQP - Scoop and Tamper
1 x Wood Cleaning Brush
Spare Screens
1 x Power Cord(we will send the cable according to your country)
1 x Instruction Manual

1x Free Grinder