HATO H2 Electric Dab Rig | Wax Vaporizer Erig with 2800mAh Battery


Product Features:

1. Intelligent Operation: The Hato H2 erig matches the intelligent chipset for constant and high-quality work.

2. Large Capacity: This mini dab rig features the 2800 mAh Battery by type-C port, which provides long usage times.

3. Compact Design: Lightweight with the size of 168mm(Height) x 80mm(Width) & the 0.96` TFT LED screen. This cheap erig is convenient for travel & home use.

4. Water Filtration: The HATO H2 portable electric dab rig's glass bubbler features the function of filtration. Water in the flask is able to cool the inhaled steam and settle residual oils on itself.

 What's in the Box:

1x Glass Attachment 

1x HATO H2 Battery

1х Film Atomizer

1x Carb Cap

1x Atomizer Cover

3x Cotton Swabs

1x Alcohol Pad

1x Loading Tool

1x Type-C Cord

1x HATO H2 User Manual

Hato h2 electric dab rig red

hato h2 electric dab rigs red and blue

hato h2 electric dab rig purple with box

hato h2 electric dab rig black

hato h2 electric dab rig with accessories