Ispire Daab E-Rig | Electric Dab Rig Battery-operated | Lightweight Portable Puffing for Easy Travel

By Ispire


Product Features: 

1.Easy Operation: The Oled screen will show you industry safety features to ensure top performance, durability, and prolonged usage.

2. Safe & Clean: The replaceable battery-operated rig brings a safe, easy, and reliable dabbing experience with an all-glass airflow path for the perfect temperature control and flavor blend.

3. Induction Heating: It heats your favorite concentrates and wax precisely to your desired temperature so that you can enjoy clean, even hits with the best taste.

4. Portable Size: Compact and lightweight, you can carry it out whenever and wherever you want.

What's In the Box: 

1x daab 
1x Water chamber/carrier cup 
1x Reclaim cup 
1x Carb cap
2x Inner cup
1x USB cable
2x Insulation silicone ring 
1x User manual