Mingvape Luxo Electric Dab Rig | with Led O Screen Wireless Usb Charging & Portable Case

$119.00 $230.00

Product Features:

1. Easy Operation:Super easy to use with the user-friendly 0.96" OLED screen, waterproof and dustproof. It is the best electric dab rig you can rely on.

2. Compact Design: This portable electric dab rig fits right in your backpacks or bags, perfect and convenient for on-the-go use.

3. Large Capacity & Convenient: With 2200mAh battery & wireless charging, this small dab rig provides long usage times and powerful heating for enjoying your favorite waxes.

4. Multiple LED Light Modes: This cheap erig makes the rig fun to use by various colors of LED lighting, especially after dark! 


What's in the Box: 

1x Luxo E-Rig 
1x Stainless Steel and Silicone Atomizer With a Quartz Bowl
1x Loading Tool 
1x USB Charger 
1x Hard Shell Case