SOC Peak Electric Dab Rig | E-Nail Kit Vaporizer Set with 2600mAh Battery


Product Features:

1. Fast Heating: Increase heat and duration by 15 seconds. These cheap dab rigs work very effectively.

2. Large Capacity: Built-in 2600mAh rechargeable battery, this e-nail dab rig provides long usage times and powerful heating.

3. Intelligent Temperature Calibration: It features 4 temperature settings, from 450° F to 600° F, in 50° increments, providing a more consistent experience during repeated use.

4. Portable Size: Compact and lightweight, you can carry these cute dab rigs out whenever and wherever you want.


What's in the box:
1x SOC Vaporizer
1x Hand blown borosilicate glass piece
1x Removable atomizer
3x Ceramic bowls
1x Hand blown carb cap
1x Metal wand for loading
1x Silicone storage jar
3x Isopropyl Alcohol filled cotton swabs
1x USB charging cable
1x User manual


Note: This item is updated and sold out - Check Out Similar Erigs Available