The Best Electric Dab Rigs of 2023

The Best Electric Dab Rigs of 2023

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Electric dab rigs, often called erigs, are transforming the smoking world, providing a contemporary substitute for classic glass rigs.

These advanced gadgets are gaining popularity among both novice and seasoned smokers. In this detailed guide, we'll feature the best electric dab rigs of 2023 and emphasize their distinct attributes.

Puffco Peak Pro:

Leading the pack is the Puffco Peak Pro with its sleek design and advanced technology. This device offers custom heat settings, allowing you to personalize your dabbing experience. Its intelligent temperature calibration ensures a consistent experience, while the real-time temperature control provides the most efficient and enjoyable dabbing session possible.

Dr. Dabber Boost Evo:

The Dr. Dabber Boost Evo has gained a reputation for its impressive battery life and lightning-fast heat-up time. The device offers six different temperature settings and boasts a fully protected quartz atomizer, making it one of the most durable electric dab rigs on the market. Its RGB ambient lighting feature adds a pleasing visual experience, perfect for night-time sessions.

Mingvape Luxo:

The Mingvape Luxo Electric Dab Rig is indeed a popular choice for its unique features and user-friendly design. It's noted for its durable construction and efficient heating system. With its easy-to-use interface, it becomes a great tool for both beginners and experienced users. It also boasts a long battery life for extended use.

Its features include:

Ceramic Heating Element: This ensures pure taste and efficient heat distribution for your concentrates.

Adjustable Temperature: It gives you the freedom to choose the right temperature for you.

Long Battery Life: It allows for longer sessions without the constant need for recharging.

Easy-to-clean design: It helps maintain the unit’s performance and prolongs its lifespan.

Hato H2:

The Hato H2 electric dab rig has all the essentials to deliver a potent dab. This enail dab rig incorporates a 2800mAh battery and a seven-color illumination system, and it even gives a vibration alert when the temperature is stable and all set! The temperature range on this rig is from 400F to 750F, providing consistent output with negligible variation.

Apex Erig:

The Apex eRig is an intelligent, portable Dab Rig with a sturdy metal base and an expansive glass water bubbler. Equipped with a built-in battery of 4000mAh, it offers you a week's worth of dabbing without charging. This portable device eliminates the constant requirement of being tethered to a wall outlet, enabling you to carry it wherever you go. The Apex eRig features four temperature settings, each indicated by unique LED lights, for low, medium, high, and super-high intensities. This allows you to choose the optimal temperature for your dabbing enjoyment. Rest assured; the Apex eRig promises to deliver a flawless dabbing experience every time.

Focus V Carta:

The Focus V Carta is a unique two-in-one device that functions as both a dab rig and a dry herb vaporizer. It features a removable battery, a rarity in electric dab rigs, and offers four preset temperature settings. With its app compatibility, you can further customize your dabbing experience.

Puffco Peak Smart Rig:

Embarking on a journey into the world of revolutionary advancements, the Puffco Peak asserts its presence. This ingenious rig, equipped with a superior water filtration mechanism housed in its 7-inch glass chamber, delivers a flawlessly automated experience for dabbing enthusiasts from initiation to completion.

Comprised of merely two components - the bubbler and the base, this apparatus is not just simple to maintain but also highly portable. Its durable silicone foundation guarantees maximum security for the glass. The Puffco Peak, capable of producing powerful dabs within a 20-second timeframe, utilizes haptic feedback and an LED light band to enhance your dabbing encounter.

Pulsar Rok Dab Rig:

The Pulsar RöK electric dab rig is a marvel to admire with its distinctive matte black finish exuding a royal charm that instantly draws attention in any setting. It boasts a revolutionary design where the battery configuration is placed above, effectively eliminating the risk of water damage—a problem frequently encountered with dab rigs. Sized at a convenient 6.75 inches, it comfortably nestles in your hand, while its robust borosilicate glass base ensures longevity. The Pulsar RöK is equipped with a disc percolator, a feature that guarantees a smoother, cooler vapor, perfect for those who prefer their hits rich in flavor and silky smooth. Additionally, this exquisite item's upkeep is simple; a swift clean with a cotton bud dipped in alcohol keeps it pristine and ready for use. With three distinct settings, you can tailor your session to your material and desired vapor volume.

The Core 2.1 Dab Rig:

Experience the strength of cost-effectiveness with The Core 2.1 Dab Rig, a symbol of economical superiority. Do not be misguided by the economical pricing, as this electric dab rig proves to be a potent competitor. Equipped with four temperature levels and a pre-heat feature, it proficiently manages dense waxes. Enjoy the robust vapors it generates, courtesy of its exceptional water filtration system. Constructed with titanium, quartz, and triple titanium coil atomizers, The Core emerges as a genuine conqueror of powerful terpenes. With its high-quality build and tactile feedback, this erig is indeed a formidable adversary.

Ares Dab Rig:

Introducing the Waxmaid Ares Plus dab rig, a compact and stylish necessity for the mobile dabber. This pocket-friendly gadget elegantly merges convenience and fashion. The mouthpiece, constructed from platinum-cured silicone, disassembles effortlessly for uncomplicated cleaning and can be replaced with vibrant-colored options to showcase your unique style.

This petite apparatus features an ultra-slim quartz chip, which provides swift heat-up for instant gratification in dabbing. Moreover, its impressive battery longevity can sustain up to 60 sessions, promising an uninterrupted dabbing journey.

The Waxmaid Ares Plus dab rig, tailored for the mobile dabber, seamlessly blends portability and chic in a compact design. Its mouthpiece, crafted from high-quality platinum-cured silicone, is easily removable for convenient cleaning, and can be exchanged with brightly colored versions to express your individuality.

This neat device incorporates an ultra-thin quartz chip, ensuring quick heating for immediate dabbing enjoyment. Additionally, its extended battery life, capable of up to 60 sessions, assures a seamless and uninterrupted dabbing experience.

Choose the Best Electric Dab Rig for Yourself!

In general, the market offers a vast array of electric dab rigs, each boasting its own distinctive characteristics and advantages. Selecting the perfect electric dab rig for your needs necessitates the consideration of elements like temperature regulation, dimensions, and water purification. The choices highlighted previously to ensure that you are picking from among the top-tier electric dab rigs available in today's market.

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